Why Sell Your Property Through Amit?

  • Above 60% of my listings Sold Highest price on the street. 
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  • When selling, every home owner wants to sell the property at the highest price. But how to sell it at the highest price is a million dollar question.
  • How I do it? Well you will agree with me every business has its tricks of trade.  This is the difference of a good realtor.
  • I can come and show you all the ways what it takes to sell the property at the best possible price or highest on the street.
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Current Market says

  • 34% more buyers expected this year good chance to get better offer for your property.
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I have a road map on how to get the highest offer and all my efforts will be to achieve over asking price. Call me on 647-622-6564 for further discussions.

When it comes to selling your home merely listing and putting a for sale sign or doing an open house is not enough to sell at good prices a good realtor will have a full plan to  attract as many number of buyers as possible. A realtor has to be a good sales person who can influence the buyers and excite them to put an offer for the house.

A good Realtor sales person will work for the betterment of his client and will price the house as per the market condition, which will help generate more buyers bidding for that house. More the buyers better the price or sometimes realtor will make all possible ways to generate over asking price.

It’s a simple saying “if you are selling” “buyers decide the price” and most of the agent will ask their sellers to reduce the price and accept the offer. A good realtor will generate so many buyers and at that time its seller to decide the price because demand generates need and need generates selling price.

So when even you are selecting with the realtor always see his marketing plan. How will he create a buzz and can have multiple buyers attracted to the property. Never ever go for realtors who will compromise on his commission because if he will compromise with his commission he will compromise the strategies and his efforts and will lose his interest in selling your property in best market value. That realtor will ask you to bring the price down. Honesty, integrity, dedication, truthfulness, is not bargain able and is not available in $999 or lower percentage on commission.