How to Sell your Home-

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Ensure the Motivation for Selling Your Home is Kept Private

When you are selling your property a home or commercial always keep your motivation or reason private when selling or buying. People sell property for many reasons like, Divorce, Financial situation, death in family, family dispute, change of job, relocation, affordability, cashing equity, upgrading, downgrading, etc.
Make sure your reason and how motivated you are with that reason should be kept private. If declared you can lose money on your investment.
Same is the case when even buying, please keep your motivation private why you are buying and how motivated you are to buy that particular house. Reasons could be anything a good school in that neighborhood, family in that neighborhood, close to work, nice area etc. It could be any reason but should be kept private from other party. Though your realtor should know because he can guide you on and will suggest you what property is available as per your requirements.
By Amit Dhingra
Your Local Remax Realtor