“Lessons of life” is a platform for all humanity. We all are in the journey of life and life is all about learning. Till death every experience makes us learn and we all learn from each other, some people learn bad things some learn good things it’s our own choice of decisions in life.
My motive is if we can learn some good life lessons from others in this life it will be our treasures of life. And we all can give something good to this world, to Humanity.
With this platform and I encourage all people from all communities to share their good thoughts, experience and lessons of life in a very short brief and every week selected material will be promoted. As this promotion comes out of my marketing budget so my sponsorship tag will always be there of these quotes and thoughts. I am not paying any remuneration or money in return to anyone so please this is purely volunteer service you will be doing.
The conditions are
Whatever you have learned should be your own quotes, thoughts or experience, and you do release us for any copyright of those quotes for us. Any copied material or thoughts of other person cannot be used by your name if any one does than we are not liable of any legal action of any kind regarding that material, quotes, experience, thoughts etc.
The wording should be as minimum as possible. Try to put your thoughts experience in small quotes.
Please do leave your details. And let us know if you want your name to be promoted with that quote.
Please send all material to